About us

The Modern Performer has arrived! A collection of people who actually know how to enjoy life, stay healthy, and work productively, day in, day out! We wanted to create a drink that embodies these values. So how did we – six founders from five different “drinking” cultures – go about it? We started experimenting at the kitchen counter, searching for that perfect combination of ingredients, texture, and taste.

 From day one, we worked on our drink together with our consumers by having them try it frequently. Finally, after consistently tweaking our formula according to our customers’ requests for over a year, we have tailored the first drink of its kind. It is only appropriate that we thank you, the Modern Performers, for providing us with ideas and feedback, enabling us to introduce “SØDA No 1“ 

We feel obliged to make this refresher available to the young achievers of the world. And we are confident it will enhance your drink naturally while keeping your body free of sugar.

SØDA transcends a mere drink; it is a lifestyle and being part of a community, giving off a vibe of success. Join the SØDA revolution and enjoy the most delicious, low-calorie and healthy Mixers and Ginger Shots.