Learn more about the story of our refreshing Cult Drink, and why we have produced it solely with healthy ingredients free of preservatives and with only 3.4 calories per bottle. Become a part of the SØDA community now!

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  • open me gently

    the purest form of refreshment

  • sodawater

    and lime juice

  • no sugar not sweet

    no additives, 100% natural flavour

  • cold pressed juice

  • 3.4 kcal

    per bottle

per Bottle

Søda No1

Open me gently! SØDA enriches your favorite mixed drink! Or you can enjoy it on its own – pure – as a lean, nonalcoholic alternative. SØDA No 1 is the fruit flavour in your soda water. Pureness and simplicity are what makes SØDA so unique. Our cold pressed juice stems only from the highest quality limes, and together with our sparkling soda water, the combination ensures a tasty refresher on any occasion! SØDA is not sweet; SØDA is fruity, fresh, and lean. Experience the pinnacle of freshness. But remember whichever SØDA you chose to drink, always swirl before opening it. Only this way will the natural ingredients be blended ideally. Pick your SØDA!

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In the club, at a restaurant, or on the beach! We show you where and how to drink and experience SØDA with your friends. Open it gently and enjoy the most stunning, beautiful and amazing SØDA moments.

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Lean Drinking

Tell me, are you also a Lean Drinker? Show us how you enjoy SØDA with only 3.4 calories. ( Try some of our sleek recipes. We are calling upon your creativity!

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  • Luca: Was glaubst du denn? – mit Gin natürlich 😉 aber auch pur. Ich komme aus Wien und bei uns…Readon
  • Dina: “I tried SØDA the first time when I was in Munich @praterstrand. Very delicious.”


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